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Group Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How small of a business can you work with?

We provide benefits to companies with as few as three employees in most cases.

What if I or one of my employees have pre-existing conditions?

Many of our group benefits products are designed to have no individual underwriting requirement, allowing employees to get coverage regardless of health.

Can my employees buy additional benefits if they want?

Yes! Our products offer a voluntary component that allows the employees to buy additional coverage at no cost to the employer.

How much do group products cost?

With group products, the costs depend on many things, such as industry, how many employees you have, average age of an employee, etc.

Do benefits expire or run out?

As long as premiums are paid, coverage for the group will continue, and an employee will be covered as long as the employee is still actively working for the company.

If employees leave, can they take the benefits with them?

Yes! Many of our products have portability available so that the employees can keep them should they leave.

Why should I work with USAlliance?

USAlliance provides exceptional service and high-quality products. If we can help you keep and retain your best employees, provide you with a cost-effective, value-based benefit solution that helps you and your employees keep their hard-earned money, is it fair that you give us a try?